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Nusa Tengara Timor 


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After learning to dive in 1989 and logging well over 9000 dives around the world I still have a passion for scuba. First diving Indonesia in 1997, and spending many years in Bali and around Indonesia, I eventually fell in love with Alor's underwater beauty and the islands' remote rugged character.  When not out diving with guests I spend my time diving, trekking and exploring the Alor archipelago both above and below the water with my partner Maree.  


Perfectly located on the shore of Alor Kecil village Lazy Turtle Dive is based in the heart of Alors' best diving.  The amazing reefs and world class macro/muck diving sites can be reached within minutes from our dive center on our custom built dive boat "Naughty Nudi".

Between dives relax in the Lopo (Alorese style hut) overlooking the strait with a drink and take in the spectacular sunsets and the island views.  Dolphins are often seen directly in front and several times a year a unique up-welling brings huge pods of dolphins, birds and large fish to feed on the bounty. 

Blue whales, Sperm whales and Humpback whales as well as several species of dolphins migrate through the strait offering the chance of sightings from shore or boat. Oceanic sunfish are also seen.


  • Full Equipment rental 

  • 12L DIN and INT tanks

  • Charging area and camera bench

  • Wash tanks

  • Free WiFi

  • Free tea, coffee and mineral water

  • Fresh water shower and bathroom

  • Drying racks and gear storage

  • Oxygen and First Aid kit

  • Lunch included with diving and day tours

  • Pick up and drop off included with packages


27 Apr 2019

Great dives

Mola and Hammerhead

An Oceanic Sunfish, 5 sharks and a snake on the first dive followed by a Hammerhead, many reef sharks, Giant trevelly and a school of Bumphead Parrotfish on the 2nd dive + loads of other great critters all in 30C water with crystal clear viz.

10 Sep 2018

Cold Current Phenomena

You know its cold when the fish get stunned and cannot swim anymore!

Today the rare cold current event occurred in front of the dive center. We recorded 13 C at the surface and it was much colder below. Dolphins had easy pickings of stunned fish and seemed to be having even more fun leaping and playing than usual. We saw stunned small fish including a frog fish and an unusual Snipe Eel that is not usually seen in the surface waters.

Earlier in the day we also saw a whale shark and a big nurse shark. On our dives the water was 26 C the famous cold current is only a rare and brief occurrence at Alor Kecil. 

25 Aug 2018

Inaugural dives aboard the Naughty Nudi

Shark, sea snakes, tuna, napoleons, spanish mackerel, leaf fish, pygmies plus a Mola was seen from the boat, a great weekend and thanks to our lovely guests for making it so special.

08 Aug 2018

Naughty Nudi is on her way to Alor

After many months of work and fine tuning, our custom built dive boat Naughty Nudi is on her way to Alor.  We'll keep you posted with details of her arrival over the coming days.

11 Jun 2018

Vibrant Reefs and Stunning Corals

The reefs of the Pantar Strait are some of the most beautiful in Indonesia. The combination of amazingly clear water, nourishing currents, volcanic topography, low population and none destructive fishing methods have preserved corals in their natural magnificence. Coral gardens, walls and overhangs are very healthy and bursting with life. On our most recent dives we have seen lots of turtles, black tip and bamboo sharks, pygmies and nudi's but the real treasure is the reef itself with the clouds of small fishes and not another diver insight.

31 May 2018

Website Launch

The Lazy Turtle Dive Alor website is officially launched!  After many months of work we are excited to launch our new Alor website.  We offer a big thank you to our loyal friends and customers many of whom have generously shared their photos for use on our website.  We look forward to many more diving adventures with all of you again soon. 

30 May 2018

Recent sightings

Pygmy seahorse bonanza with 18 pygmies on a single fan! Some tiny, others large and pregnant adult males that will boost the local population further.

28 May 2018


These highly sought after members of the scorpionfish family are usually very hard to find. Here in Alor we have several dive sites where they are normally easy to see with often 2, 3 or more on a dive quite possible.

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Andy and Maree exploring Alor