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Alor is a beautiful island in the far east of Indonesia connected with flights from several of Indonesia's international airports. The low population and lack of industrialisation has left the villages sleepy and the reefs intact, natural attractions such as beaches and waterfalls are almost untouched by tourism. 

These days the island is sleepy and peaceful, but it has a rich history of trade and culture dating back 1000's of years. The museum of 1000 Moko showcases Bronze Drums that were traded with Vietnamese as far back as 2000 years ago.  Traditional clothing can also be seen in the museum or at village ceremonies or being hand woven with the tradition tanun.  The original Alorese culture is very rich and diverse with many separate languages, customs and clothing styles. Visitors these days can be assured of a friendly welcome with calls of "Hello Mister" and excitedly waving kids common in Kalabahi the islands only town.  Most villagers earn their living from traditional fishing and small scale farming.  

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