Alor is reached by plane from the international hubs of Jakarta (CGK), Surabaya (SUB), Bali (DPS) and Labuan Bajo (LBJ) via Kupang (KOE).

- Airlines flying these routes daily include Garuda, Lion, Sriwijaya Air/ Nam and Batik Air.


Between Kupang (KOE) and Alor (ARD) Transnusa and Wings offer daily services:

KOE- ARD: 8.40am (Wings); 11.45am (Trans) and 12.15pm (Wings)

ARD - KOE: 9.40am (Wings); 12.25 (Trans) and 1.40pm (Wings)


There are many combinations of flights depending on your preferences. As an example at the time of writing from Jakarta the most direct and cost effective flight is Batik Air to Kupang then TransNusa to Alor total cost approx. IDR 2,000,000 (USD 134) including 15kg luggage.

At present the direct flight (Nam) from Bali to Alor has been suspended,  It is still possible to reach Alor from Bali however this requires an overnight layover in Kupang.  

Luggage:  All airlines include luggage allowance in the ticket price except for Lion/ Wings, Luggage fees on Lion/ Wings vary depending on distance traveled and weight. It is significantly cheaper to pre-pay for luggage at time of booking.  Luggage costs currently for Kupang - Alor flights 15kg costs IDR 388,000 (USD 26). 

Flights can be booked online  who accept overseas credit cards, but if you need any assistance please contact us.

We recommend you allow ample time between domestic and international flights, as weather conditions and other factors can impact the scheduling of flights to and from Alor.  

On your arrival in Alor our air conditioned car will collect you for the 20 to 40 min drive to your preferred accommodation.


Alor is a large island with over 2000KM2 of area and a population of only around 150,000 people with 60,000 living in the main town Kalabahi. Approximately 75% are Christian and 25% Muslim. 

Ancient trade routes have thrived in the rich seas and islands of the area. Marine and forest produce along with the Slave trade probably accounts for the ancient Moko drums being present in Alor and still being discovered buried around the archipelago. 


For more information:

Gloriously politically incorrect video of Alor from 1933:   PAPUA NEW GUINEA & KALABAHI INDONESIA 1933 


Alor is a remote area, it is recommended to be up to date with vaccinations such as tetanus and hepatitis and to bring ample supply of any prescription medication you may need.

Like most of Indonesia Alor has some malaria, although cases in the touristic areas are low.  Most expats and tourists choose precautions against bites rather than medication. Use repellent in the evening and at dawn, cover up at these times if mosquitoes are present, sleep under a net or use AC if available.  However it is a personal choice you should discuss with your doctor.

The nearest re-compression chamber is in Bali, oxygen and First Aid kit is available at Lazy Turtle Dive. There is a hospital in Kalabahi although major treatment may need a visit to Kupang or Bali.  It is wise to take extra precautions when in a remote area such as Alor.


Dive and travel insurance that covers trip cancellation or interruption is highly recommended. Divers Alert Network offers diver orientated policies. 

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