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Getting Here

Getting to Alor is easy with daily flights via Kupang.  Kupang connects with the international hubs of Jakarta (CGK), Surabaya (SUB), Bali (DPS) and Labuan Bajo (LBJ). 

- Airlines flying these routes daily include Garuda, Lion, Sriwijaya Air/ Nam and Batik Air.

 Between Kupang (KOE) and Alor (ARD) Wings offer daily services for the 50min flight.

Flights can be booked online  who accept overseas credit cards, however if you need any assistance please contact us.  We recommend you allow ample time between domestic and international flights, as weather conditions and other factors can impact the scheduling of flights to and from Alor.  ​


A fast boat also operates between Kupang and Alor 2 times a week, approx. 6hours - boat name "KM Express Cantika 77"

To book contact 0813 4469 1496 or visit the harbor two hours before scheduled departure.  

Kupang  - Alor                                        Alor - Kupang

Monday 10am                                        Tuesday 10am

Thursday  10am                                     Friday 10am


Alor is a remote area, it is recommended to be up to date with vaccinations such as tetanus and hepatitis and to bring ample supply of any prescription medication you may need.

Like most of Indonesia Alor has some malaria, although cases in the developed areas are low.  Most visitors choose precautions against bites rather than medication. Use repellent in the evening and at dawn, cover up at these times if mosquitoes are present, sleep under a net or use AC if available.  However it is a personal choice you should discuss with your doctor.

The nearest re-compression chamber is in Bali, oxygen and First Aid kit is available at Lazy Turtle Dive. There is a hospital in Kalabahi (+62 0386 21008) with limited facilities, more serious cases will require transfer to Kupang or Bali.  It is wise to take extra health and safety precautions when in a remote area such as Alor.


Dive and travel insurance that covers trip cancellation or interruption is highly recommended. Divers Alert Network offers diver orientated policies. 

About Alor

The Alor archipelago is a small group of islands North East of Kupang.  Alor island is the largest of the group and also the center of commercial activity.  The town of Kalabahi offers visitors a range of eateries from warung (traditional cafe) style to western and Asian fusion cuisines, small supermarkets carry the basic essentials and there are a range of accommodation options to suit most budgets.  Beyond Kalabahi development is mostly concentrated on along the coast, with small pockets inland.  

The people of Alor live a modest lifestyle, centered around the village, religion and "adat" (traditional culture).  Most Alorese make a living from farming or fishing, women weave traditional cloths known as Ikat and raise the children, while others merantau or move away from the island in search of work to locations such as Batam, Java and Bali.  Tourism makes up only a very small percentage of the Alor economy, and locals are always excited when they meet a tourist. 

Beyond diving Alor has a lot to offer the more adventurous traveler, with numerous hidden waterfalls, remote beaches and spectacular trekking opportunities, bring your sense of adventure (and a few words of Bahasa) and you'll find yourself well off the tourist trail.  

Ling Al Beach
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