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Our Dive Centre

Located on the shores of Alor Kecil village, Lazy Turtle Dive Alor is based in the heart of Alors' best diving. The amazing reefs and world class macro sites are all reached within minutes of us.  

Our speed boat Naughty Nudi picks up and drops off directly in front of the centre with our wonderful boat crew trained to handle your equipment with care. On the boat we carry emergency oxygen, a first aid kit and our BCD’s all have an SMB in the pocket.  We enjoy seasonal fruits and homemade cakes during our surface intervals on the boat.

Lunch is served at the dive centre or at Marangki Bungalows on Kepa Island. Enjoy Indonesian cuisine of locally sourced fresh produce prepared by our in house cook.  Relaxing in the Lopo (Alorese style hut) is great way to enjoy the down time between dives making the most of the breathtaking views.  You might even spot the dolphins as they jump and play in front of us.  Afternoons are a treat here watching the sun set beyond the Pantar Strait.   


  • Enriched Air (Nitrox)

  • 12L DIN and INT tanks

  • Scubapro equipment 

  • 3 - 5mm Wetsuits in a range of sizes

  • Torch and dive computer rental

  • Camera bench and charging stations

  • Wash tanks

  • Fresh water shower and bathroom

  • Drying racks and gear storage

  • Oxygen and First Aid kit

  • Free WiFi

  • Comfortable lounge area and garden

Introducing Us 

Lazy Turtle Dive Alor is led by Nico and Tamar and supported by our dedicated team from Alor Kecil and the surrounding villages.  We love our environment and are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint.  We compost our organics, separate our plastics, bottles, cans and cardboard for recycling and participate in beach clean ups,  We support local NGO’s including Thresher Shark Indonesia in their efforts to promote recycling and waste management programs, empower local youth and environmental protection.




PADI #975969

I learned diving in 1998 at the age of seventeen in the cold, murky waters of France. Needless to say, scuba diving didn’t become a passion right away. Only after diving in the warm, crystal clear water of the Red Sea and seeing my first fish, did I decide to do my Divemaster in Bali in 2006. I then became an instructor and travelled and worked around the world for 15 years. I have now decided to settle down and chose Indonesia for its relaxed and peaceful way of life and Alor for the beauty of its coral reefs and the richness of its marine life. I hope to keep diving here with you for as long as I can.



PADI #338775

My underwater life began on the 4th of August 2013 when I reluctantly agreed to do a discovery dive, mostly so that my boyfriend at the time would stop nagging me to try it once he’d seen how much I hated it. Only I didn’t hate it and 4 months later I was a divemaster, and an instructor 18 months after that. It wasn’t easy. I needed a lot of patience and kindness to become truly confident in the water. One of my greatest joys has been paying back that support, helping anxious divers become confident, competent and happy dive buddies.
I adore muck diving, but one of the main attractions of Alor for me is the chance to see big pelagics. Will I finally get to see a whale shark? 
Back on land I think it’s safe to say I’m probably the only baroque recorder player in Nusa Tenggara Timur.    

Dive Master Trainee Program

Lazy Turtle Dive Alor is passionate about working with the local community to ensure the youth of Alor have opportunities for education and development.  In partnership with some of our generous customers from both Australia and the UK we are providing training and PADI certifications from Open Water to Divemaster.

Nawir and Nico_edited.jpg


Nawir is our newest trainee.  He had already achieved Rescue Diver with another dive centre then paused his training to work as a boat builder for a few years.  He's now back underwater pursuing his ambition to become a divemaster.  He is a quiet, calm presence underwater and we are very happy to have him on board.



Amri was the first participant in Lazy Turtle's DMT program, which he joined while completing his final year of a farming degree at Universitas Tribuana Kalababhi. He was appointed as Group Leader for the Conservation Champions Program run by Thresher Shark Indonesia in early 2021 initiating a rubbish management program for his village.  Amri joined the DMT program as he is a keen swimmer who is interested in marine conservation.  We are delighted that he is now employed as a trainee Dive Guide for one of the other dive resorts in Alor, and is gaining experience as part of a larger team.

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