Alor offers divers more than 50 known dive sites, with additional sites still being discovered. These sites can be divided into two main areas, Pantar Strait and Kalabahi Bay. Alor is blessed with rugged mountains that plunge into the 1000m deep Pantar Strait.  Crystal clear waters, deep seas and frequent current combined with Alor's location within the marine diversity hot spot of the coral triangle means that the reefs and corals are some of the healthiest and diverse in Indonesia.  There are sites for all levels of diver some sheltered and some with strong current. We carefully consider your preferences and experience level when selecting dive sites.


The Strait between Alor and neighboring Pantar Island is an outstandingly beautiful area with pristine reefs and vibrant coral. The uniqueness and importance of the area has been recognized by the establishment of a Marine Protected Area. Volcanic topography, currents and clear deep water have created and maintained very healthy coral growth with clouds of colorful reef fish. Large pelagic species such as Dolphins, Whales, Sharks, Sunfish, Rays and Tuna can be seen. Sheltered spots and calm water can give divers the chance to admire vibrant coral and search for rare macro subjects such as Rhinopias Scorpionfish and Ghost Pipefish which can be regularly seen.  Although Alor is famous for current many sites can be dived with easy calm conditions. Other sites offer chances of strong currents and with luck, big fish.



This huge bay about 15 KM by 1 KM wide has deep water, mild currents and an amazing amount of marine life.  Large Pods of Dolphins can often be seen but the highlight for divers is the incredible Macro and Muck diving found on the diverse dive sites. There are walls and slopes with hard and soft coral. Feather Stars and Fire Urchins crowd some areas in unbelievable numbers. Frog Fish, Mandarin Fish, many species of Pipe Fish, Sea Horses, Rhinopias, Mimic Octopus, Wonderpus, Blue Ring Octopus, Nudibranchs and Harliquin Shrimp are all present.

Night Diving

"All the freaks come out at night" should be reason enough to give night diving a try if you are not already an avid night diver.

The night is a safer time for many smaller animals to be active. Many kinds of octopus, squid, cuttlefish, crabs, shrimps, basket stars and bobbit worms only appear at night. Other animals such as frog fish, ghost pipefish, scorpion fish, lionfish and eels become more active or are much easier to spot with torch light.  Dive sites with colorful sponges and soft coral become much more vivid and colorful as torch light reveals their true color.

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