Apart from world class diving and snorkeling Alor offers stunning landscapes and friendly locals. Tours by boat or car to beautiful beaches, waterfalls, hot spring/geyser, tradition villages and markets are great ways to see Alor. Village walks give a glimpse of local life and many tropical crops like coffee, vanilla, cocao (chocolate), cloves, pepper, pineapple, candle nut and Kanari nut can be seen and sampled in season.  Be amazed by how eager the Alorese are to climb a palm to present visitors with a delicious and healthy young coconut.

Active visitors could enjoy hikes on Alor and Pura islands or even climb the rarely visited Sirung Volcano on Pantar island.  Experienced motor bikers can explore the island on back trails or go off road on rugged tracks to reach very isolated beaches and villages. 

From romantic beach barbecues or visiting a school or helping out with local village beer production, consumption and alcohol distillation we can come up with a custom tour for you!

Kalabahi town has the museum of "1000 Moko" which showcases Moko drums, traditional ikat clothing and artifacts.

Alor Besar village displays an 800 year old Koran hand written on tree bark.

Simple pleasures like watching the amazing sunsets and enjoying fantastic seafood are also great ways to while away your stay in Alor.


Head off by boat to explore the Alor archipelago. Popular trips can be arranged to the islands of Kepa, Pura, Ternate, Buaya and Pantar where there are villages to explore with women actively making traditional ikat cloths including some for sale, and men partaking in traditional alcohol production and fishing methods.  Climb a mountain, Mount Sirung on Pantar is a must for volcano lovers.


Takpala, Bampalola and Mombang are traditional villages that showcase traditional building styles, clothes and dance. Although the villagers no longer live permanently in these "Adat" or traditional ways they have preserved their old customs and dance to display their heritage to visitors.


Some of Alor's hidden charm can be visits to really out of the way and difficult to reach beaches. Often only accessible by off road biking or by boat if the weather conditions allow. For a really special experience we can arrange overnight camping on a remote beach. 

There are many waterfalls to explore on Alor and Pantar islands.  All are reached by beautiful walks accessible to all levels of fitness ranging from a easy stroll to an adventure trek through forests and valleys.  A couple of key falls include:

Biantal Waterfall - one of the most impressive with its massive drop. The path here is steep and takes about 30 minutes, a trip here can be combined with a village walk, hotspring or traditional village visits.

Alila Waterfall - reached through a beautiful forested valley. The path winds along and through the river so be sure to bring suitable footwear and swimwear for a plunge in the waterfalls' refreshing pool.  A visit here can be combined with beach, local market, hot spring or village visits.  Enjoy a packed lunch or a beach barbecue for a full day trip.  

At Lazy Turtle we love discovering new waterfalls, we're constantly adding to our list, so please talk to us for more waterfall ideas. 


A great way to see Alor for adventurous travelers is a guided scooter trip or off road trail bike adventure. You'll find waterfalls, beaches, local markets, hot spring geyser and traditional villages show casing buildings, dance and clothing, and its unlikely you'll meet another tourist. Enjoy a packed lunch or a beach barbecue.  

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